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    Those look like bold+underline, which just looks like emphasis, not links. Links are a different color so you can see them. See: link. They're not even always underlined, but they're still a different color: link.

    Granted, they're exactly the same style as all the other links on the page...

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    They're clearly distinguishable from the surrounding text. There could be more done to make them look like links but honestly, these days, color or underline (but not both) is pretty normal.

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    Alas, Javascript doesn't like 8=>({})...


    I can ask my wife about the parentheses thing, but I doubt it'll help.

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    Well it wasn't obvious for me and I am a web developer!

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    <!-- 87c69ccc-3c6f-47d3-8c66-4f3fdb9def26 -->
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    and I am a web developer!

    That's not our fault.

    There could be more done

    Only if it involves CSS on IDs

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    Only if it involves CSS on IDs

    To be fair, most pure front end developers I have been working with (I haven't worked with them before) are looking at IDs in CSS as a the rightful plague that they are.

    There is no need, there is no excuse and it is almost as bad as littering your stylesheets with important! because you don't know what you are doing.

    But all of you guys are "proper developers" and know everything about maintainable style-sheets, bleeding of styles, CSS selector speed (yes it does matter) ... don't you?

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    This reminds me of Haskell! Check this crazy code:

    main = do
    putStrLn [(head (tail (show (8128 :: Int))))]

    It gets the second digit of the Int even though the second digit is only part of the representation and not really part of the concept of numbers! Haskell has a reputation for being close to the noble art and science that is λ-calculus but in the noble art and science of λ-calculus we use a very different representation of numbers!

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