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    Or is it the case that there simply are no departures in that interval?

    Probably this. Lots of online shopping sites that I use have price-range filters that look like this airport's departure-time filter. They are universally set up to have the sliders running from the lowest price in the current set of results to the highest price of those results. (e.g; if the lowest price of the results so far is 5€ and the highest is 35€, the left-most position of the slider will be 5€ and the rightmost position will be 35€.)

    Addendum 2023-04-14 07:03: It's mostly sane for price ranges, but a bit weird for time ranges like this. Mild WTF.

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    [ugyanitt bojler eladó intensifies]

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    I decided to go and have a look at Melbourne Airport's departure page. It's totally broken. Many of the controls didn't seem to update the list of flights displayed and there's no refresh option either.

    When I did get the list to update, the filtered results were not presented in order of departure....

    ... or any discernible order. Nor did clicking on the headings change the sort order and there seemed to be no controls to set sort order..

    At the bottom of the page I saw this:

    Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne) acknowledges the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung as the First Nations people and Traditional Owners of the Land that Melbourne Airport operates on. We pay our respect to their Elders past, present and emerging and extend that respect to all other First Nations People.

    I bet their respect did not go so far as to include paying commercial ground rent to the Traditional Owners.

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    There are definitely Melbourne Airport departures and arrivals between 2330 and 2359. For example, flight JQ217 is scheduled to depart 2345, and but will not show up when you search for it and there's no way to disable the time filter. (But otherwise the list refreshed properly for me, and was correctly ordered by scheduled departure.)

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    FWIW i just checked on melbourne-airport.com and there quite a number of flights leaving between 23:30 and 23:59. If it were Sydney airport the filter would probably stop at 22:00 (they have a crazily strict curfew that applies even when there are cancellations and mean passengers have no way of getting home for several days...yes I've been burnt!)

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    Not sure why Adam R. is so upset, it clearly offered him header.greetings

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