• ichbinkeinroboter (unregistered)

    Docker? Isn't that the real WTF?

  • ichauchnicht (unregistered)

    It is, indeed.

  • Reality (unregistered) in reply to ichbinkeinroboter

    I don't use containers, but what's the current containerization meme if not Docker?

  • befuddled (unregistered)

    So... my adblocker blocks inedo.com as an ad/tracking server, courtesy of hpHosts.

  • ichbinkeinroboter (unregistered)

    Well. Docker has had a name change to Moby, apparently... :-)

    Whatever it is called, I vowed never to have anything ot do with it after reading this : https://thehftguy.com/2016/11/01/docker-in-production-an-history-of-failure/

  • Zenith (unregistered)

    So I fell for the Hired meme and of course it doesn't return any development jobs in my part of the state. Can't say that was a surprise though.

  • Zenith (unregistered)

    I got far enough to register but not far enough to put up the touted profile with what kind of work I was looking for. Also I should remove "part of the" from "my part of the state." Not even telecommuting let me past that no jobs screen. They were at least prompt with my deletion request. There are e-commerce hosts out there that apparently do nothing but spam people to death about how hard they're working on features nobody wants while basic functionality languishes.

    Back to Hired, this industry is like the kid in the Far Side comic pushing on a door marked "pull." You'll never find capable developers with your head shoved up your own asshole. Offer perks that developers actually want. Telecommuting would be a start but only because the last few offices I worked in were insufferable. I'm tired of seeing "lead developer" positions where all of the choices are already made for me. Oh, the H1Bs crapped out a 7-tier MVC "web service" monster and now you want a maid to fix everything without changing anything and take the blame when lead won't transmute into gold? Fuck right off.

  • Axel (unregistered)

    I'm a hardware guy, but I've heard of C-pound and own a pair of Dockers. Do I qualify?

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