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    Some comment occurred, convenience regretted.

  • RLB (unregistered)

    ...I cannot begin to think of a reason why Google thinks that "bash copy directory" has anything to do with child abuse in Dutch.

  • Brian (unregistered)

    Reminds me of when I was a young'un in the early days of Google. I found that you could get man pages by typing "man <cmd>" in the search box, and it was much more readable in a web browser than in the terminal. So one day, I found myself needing to look up the "tip" command. Let's just say that searching the internet for "man tip", back in the days before SafeSearch, was not something that should be done on a work computer.

  • Benjamin (unregistered)

    I guess because "bash" could describe hitting someone?

    If you think "man tip" is bad, don't try "man mount"

    Speaking of things that should not be searched on a work computer, cstring will return some, uh, interesting image results

  • (nodebb)

    Looking for tcl with Google will probably get you offers on TVs.

  • fa (unregistered) in reply to RLB

    Agreed. I could see if the search was something like "bash child directory". Bashing children is certainly abusive. Maybe it also factors in previous searches when showing ads-- Sebas could likely have searched for parent or child when working with the shell.

    Or just a machine learning fluke, maybe more likely.

  • (nodebb) in reply to fa

    I could see if the search was something like "bash child directory". Bashing children is certainly abusive.

    In English, “abuse” can mean physical, mental, or sexual, but the Dutch word misbruik means only the latter when in reference to children (it literally means “misuse”, and has wider meanings in that more generic sense).

  • He searched for what?!??! (unregistered)

    Oh what a silly growing pain of the all-seeing-eye! Luckily no one ever gets thrown in jail for such minor misunderstandings.

  • Swamp Thang (unregistered)

    For anyone wondering why the bash copy command would have anything to do with child abuse, the bash copy command is cp, which is also an abbreviation for child porn. Now we're all on a list.

  • fa (unregistered) in reply to Swamp Thang

    Thanks, that seems makes sense

  • Neveranulll (unregistered) in reply to Benjamin

    I’d hate to see what response man dump would get.

  • eric bloedow (unregistered)

    one of my old computers developed a fault in part of Windows that caused an "improper function" fault, always causing an "improper shutdown". UNFORTUNATELY, it was in the part of Windows that HANDLED IMPROPER SHUTDOWNS! so if ANY program caused an error, Windows would go into an infinite loop, repeatedly trying to shutdown the shutdown functions! AND one of my favorite games frequently shut down improperly when i selected Quit...

  • Ken Lordsland (unregistered)

    The last one is a breath of fresh air compared to the creepy and patronisingly smarmy or cutesy error messages that are the norm today.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Brian

    Google man tip

    <<lots of NSFW results>>

    Google unix man tip

    No results for unix man tip searching instead for eunuchs man tip <<lots of NSF anywhere results>>

  • Mikie (unregistered) in reply to Benjamin

    I once was trying to login to hotmail.com, but I think I accidentally typed "hotmale.com" and the results were... interesting.

  • 516052 (unregistered)

    Maybe it's because I've been in the trade for too long or because english is not my first language but it always angers me to see error messages in english that are written inproperly. Especially in software you are supposed to pay for. English is for us developers what Latin is for the medical profession. Learn proper english or, as you kids these days say, GTFO out of programming.

  • Jerdle (unregistered)
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