• DSPC (unregistered)

    Please ignore the frist comment

  • Pyth0n (unregistered)

    The last one might suggest the damaged text is in some RTL language - Hebrew, Arabic...

  • David (unregistered)

    Depending on the selected install options this comment, might or might not correctly Reveal frist status.

  • Kivi (unregistered)

    Craig is lucky he got 3GB of bonus space.

    What surprises me about Phil's issue is that anyone coded this dialog in the first place. How frequently must data corruption be happening with this app?

  • Unhappy Dropbox User (unregistered)

    Dafuq? I sign up for Dropbox and they promptly swipe 40Gb off of my hard drives?

  • eric (unregistered)

    "Ignore the progress bar".... so, "actual installation" developer got really annoyed with the lack of skill of the "just do the progress bar" developer?

  • Alchemist (unregistered)

    I'm guessing the dropbox one and the character one are both cases of swapping terms in math like say calculating your age by subtracting the current year from the year you were born instead of subtracting the year you were born from the current year. It's a common mistake. The dropbox one makes perfect sense in that context as default Basic account is 4GB, plus the 3 GB bonus is 7GB. 7GB-48GB = -41GB. I suspect their calculation was originally geared towards people buying space and was basic + bought = new_total and somewhere along the lines someone thought "Oh, let's handle accounts expiring by just shoving a negative value into the bought variable. In which case they should probably just make their equation abs(basic + change) = new_total and call it a day.

  • (nodebb)

    Methinks Björn E. should start answering those calls, else he might have more things to worry about than time-value of pictures...

  • bitti (unregistered)

    Yeah Friday! Oh no, Error'd day...

    I guess every day has good and bad.

  • A L E C K S (unregistered)




  • Kivi (unregistered) in reply to A L E C K S

    A good thing they did, too, since logging in is broken. (I get an "Illegal arguments: string, object") error.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Kivi

    Hmm. I logged in okay.

  • Klimax (unregistered)

    explorer.exe message is not WTF. Just not really helpful error boy. (WaitForSingleObject can have time limit, after which it errors out) No WTF/Error'd... (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms687032.aspx)

  • Ron Fox (google)

    It's Friday -- I'm headed to the Progress Bar -- anyone want to meet me there?


  • Python (unregistered)

    A good thing they did, too, since logging in is broken. (I get an "Illegal arguments: string, object") error.

    I came here for an illegal argument. Illegal complaints are that direction -->

  • zainab58 (unregistered)

    Is it a bad sign when my reaction to an error message is "Yes, and your point is...?"

    Error begins at character 3958 = error begins immediately before character Error ends at character 3957 = error ends immediately after character

    Isn't there something called a null error?

    :: thinking that it's a really dirty trick to show two pictures of large bodies of water, and then ask me to identify all the pictures that have boats in them ::

  • jo (unregistered) in reply to Ron Fox

    Gotta get down on Friday

  • (nodebb)

    Worms 2 had a progress bar that animated while it was generating the level. However the animation was on a timer and unrelated in any way to the actual progress the game was making in the generation of the level. Occasionally you would even see it wrap around and start over.

  • FuuzyFoo (unregistered) in reply to A L E C K S

    Ah, looks like they also allow capitals and misspellings in the comments, too.

  • (nodebb)

    I just wonder what the real icon was...the one they didn't want us to see, the one they photoshopped out.

  • Anonymous (unregistered) in reply to Alchemist

    Yeah, but if they just mean his limit will be 41 GB lower than it is now, the 1 GB of space he's using right now shouldn't be a problem after it changes. So it makes no sense to tell him that he's at risk of being above his new limit.

  • justanotherloser (unregistered)

    620,000 hours of pictures? You have obviously seen my aunt and uncles vacation pictures.

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