• Long Time Lurker (unregistered)

    Skipping the frist one to comment on the next: "Unskip Now" - nice try, marketing wizards!

  • Clarification needed (unregistered)

    Is that ex-boyfriend in a package, or ex-boyfriend's package?

  • noOne (unregistered) in reply to Clarification needed

    the first, but the package was split due to weight

  • Gearhead (unregistered)

    I'm really glad that CMUSE picked out the six best tenor saxophone case review articles. Saved a lot of time for the rest of us!

  • markm (unregistered)

    The USPS tracking is shown in reverse order, so there's no time travel involved. Issaquah and Redmond are 21 minutes apart, so the time intervals are reasonable. The TWTF is the routing: Redmond to Issaquah to Redmond.

  • Ackshually (unregistered)

    Ackshually, that would be precognition.

  • Tim (unregistered)

    This URL is no more, it has ceased to be, this is an ex-URL etc etc

  • The Beast in Black (unregistered)

    @Clarification needed: This is what I was wondering, as well.

    @noOne: The package arrived safely. See above. Further, deponent sayeth not.

    @Lyle: What is it that you know, Lyle? WHAT IS THAT YOU KNOW??

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