• Michael (unregistered)

    NaN-aN-aN NaN-aN-aN Batman!!!

  • Scott (unregistered)

    About time summer gets here. 4F today.

  • David Katz (google)

    Only Batman knows when that warranty expires.

  • Moss (unregistered)

    I would understand if it was NaN-NaN-NaN, but what kind of logic led to that being displayed as NaN-aN-aN?

  • (nodebb)


    That's gotta be some "interesting" date parsing code...

  • Is That Really A Crosswalk? (unregistered)

    That will be a nicely matured sushi.

  • Lorens (unregistered)

    I ordered sushi, but the delivery is by crab.

  • linepro (unregistered)

    Simultaneously DST and not DST in the Netherlands?

    Heisenberg rules?

  • Worf (unregistered)

    What's that bit about Brian making Carl's dinner Gary about?

  • (author) in reply to Worf

    Brian and Gary are famous snails in pop entertainment. Another is Ambroise, but he's a gallic gastropod so we're saving him for the francophone files.

  • (author) in reply to Moss

    As dcon says, below, that's a four-digit NaN year followed by a two-digit NaN month and two-digit NaN day. Beats me why they chose the last two digits of the month and day. 'Twere me, I'd have written "NaN-Na-Na".

  • Greg Borichov (unregistered)

    I still don't see it on that last one after staring at it for a few minutes.

  • .. (unregistered) in reply to Greg Borichov

    Took me a bit too :p it's the text at the bottom, not the table at the top

  • Dmv (unregistered) in reply to Greg Borichov

    There's a bunch of 01 January 1970 on the lower four lines. It says every season starts on that day. As a bonus, if you can read Dutch, the lines above say that daylight savings time lasts all year, and also there is no daylight savings time all year.

  • b.a. freeman (unregistered) in reply to Greg Borichov

    at the end of the screen capture, U can see dates for "zomer" and "winter," and that both start on 1970-01-01, at both standard time (MET) and daylight savings time (MEZT). worse yet, it started 51+ years ago, so THAT must be the cause of global warming!

  • Jimmy (unregistered)

    Your images are hosted on an amazon CDN (s3.amazonaws.com). This is illegal without consent under GDPR. Please fix this issue.

  • Vault_Dweller (unregistered) in reply to dcon

    I'm pretty sure it's date handling code to prepend a leading zero for single digit months/days. Something like

    RIGHT("0" + day,2)

  • (nodebb) in reply to Moss

    Stripping leading zeroes? (Or the first character of the month, and day, if it's not 1-9. Same thing right?)

  • Lorens (unregistered) in reply to Jimmy

    What have you been smoking?

  • Jimmy (unregistered) in reply to Lorens

    Ad hominem arguments do not address the inherent problem. This setup is not GDPR compliant.

  • efjconsulting (unregistered)
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