"I don't work for them, so when did it become my job to do their quality control?" writes T. K.


"You know, I'm pretty sure 100% of people with regular gigs have at least one of these fantasies," writes Tim R.


"This likely gives a clue to why workstations at my site are failing like a classroom of 6th-graders taking a college algebra exam," wrote Jonathan.


"Apparently the advanced paid-for features also includes labels for buttons," Robert S. writes.


Paramdeep wrote, "Text! Come here please!"


"A recent Error'd had a photo showing the source of Apple's Command keys in the Faroe Islands," Peter G. wrote, "This is a shot of a Norwegian Command center, located just outside Fredrikstad in southern Norway."


Magnus M. writes, "This came from a program used for interfacing with a medical microscope. Serious stuff, no doubt. It seems like the main application would rather be at it alone."


"If by 'instant' you mean 'it will take upwards of 30 seconds', then yeah, it's 'instant', " wrote Jason.


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