Ygor L. wrote "Awesome! Git found three more files than I thought that I needed."


Neil S. writes, "I wanted to find the latest drivers for my MSI laptop, but I just couldn't find what I needed."


"The entrance poll analysis is in-depth and HIGHLY technical by the looks of it," writes Ray.


"Yum! I can't wait to have one of those concat('F:','Hershey's," Tom S. wrote.


Eric G. writes, "In a strange twist, Ubisoft's Rocksmith seems to include some legally binding CSS."


"It's comforting to know my tax preparation software is capable of performing basic arithmetic," writes Rob O.


"I'm glad the directory could tell me how to get to the <head>," Josh O. wrote.


"Saw this on the marquee of at the local theater," Tom wrote, "I don't think I've heard of this movie, but I'm pretty sure that I've read the book."


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