In this process of collecting your submissions, the single most common category has been string conversions of NaN, null, and undefined. They are so common, I've become entirely bored with them. Date conversions, however, still do amuse a bit. Or will do. Or will did? Will have did? In any case, here's another installment of wibbly bits. They may not be clever, but some are a little funny.

Competitive programmer Laks may have got the answer technically incorrect, but he did it REALLY fast. Shouldn't he have won on speed? Says Laks "It turns out you can implement flux capacitor in software."



AT&T subscriber Bruce W. notes "In Samsung Smart Home, time is not linear." Keep an eye out for localized time eddies, Bruce!



Old-timer Adam R. got a late delivery. "I forgot all about this desk I ordered back in the disco era. It took 48 years but it did eventually arrive." It may have got stuck in one of Bruce's eddies.



Also dabbling in the shallows of those eddies, Žiga Sancin asks "Standard shipping, please." Good, fast, cheap, pick...



Finally, Todd R. unearths a relic. "This Jira ticket was created early in the reign of the Roman emperor Nero. Hopefully someone will get around to it soon!"



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