Surprise-hating Adam R. worries "I thought I ordered some outdoors gear, but apparently I'm receiving some not valid today. I hope I don't get a box full of surprises!" I get it Adam; I don't like surprises either. But they're better than spiders.



Thoughtful Jeremy P. writes in with an observation from over there at that other column. Fortunately, it wasn't this column, eh? Whew. "This web site that I have totally anonymised to protect the embarrassed seems to have an issue with double posting. I'd say it was finger trouble but three different posters?
And yes, I did think about posting this submission twice....
... but thought better of it."

double time


Frequent Flier Orion S. frets "Trying to check in for my flight, I got an ominous error message. I hope this is just a tech having fun with hexadecimal error codes..." TBQH, Orion, I think it's just coincidence. Hope I'm right and you arrived in one piece.

ominous error message


Perceptive Peter pointed out "A quick look in Power BI showed a worrying trend for last year. But after a more thorough inspection, I noticed that it abused the statistics." This one took me a minute, perhaps because of the faint font.

Hint: look at the X axis


Returning reader Gear H. shares an email, concluding "UVM Health Network provides sound advice. I won't accept the invite." Me, I'm just glad their technology helpline is patient. It's a very important job skill.

so there!


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