"I think Oracle might want to read one of their own books on how to use MySQL," writes Mike.


"While on the cruise ship Independence of the Seas, I figured that I'd quickly check my email," Mark F. wrote, "I guess that I got a little carried away!"


"At first, I thought there was more to the error than what was shown. Then, I began to think otherwise," writes Theodore.


Nicholas wrote, "On one hand, I can only imagine that someone was tricked into buying a bigger ad than they needed, however, I'm sure that only the most serious applicants would apply."


"Yes, Facebook. You've caught me. I've been away for a lonnnng time," writes Raghu.


Ishai S. wrote, "While trying to open a support ticket, IBM gave me some oddly repetitive, yet technically dissimilar, product categories."


"Until today, our employee services web portal has been picky about ONLY working in Internet Explorer," writes B.D., "Oddly enough, I fired up Chrome, changed it to an IE User Agent and it works just fine."


"Trying to find a hotel in Brussels is harder than it seems. Unless you can read Latin...you're out of luck!" Scott S. writes.


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