"I do my best at teaching my children the basics in life, but then 'educational' toys like this one get in my way," Roger G. writes.


"Buying the new CD by English concertina whizz Rob Harbron, I found myself with an interesting selection of 'shipping states'; have the English counties of Middlesex and Wiltshire attained nation status whilst I wasn't paying attention?" wrote Steve M.


Drew W. writes, "A brewery in western Maryland loves its beer so much they created a new date just for it!"


"This touch screen at the Dr Seuss Museum works great...just as long as you don't press for too long," wrote Mike R. wrote.


Mike R. also writes, "Hotwire is further proving the validity of the old saying that the more things change, the more they stay the same."


"Not sure what/where 'dma' is, but it appears to be somewhere in the United States", William B. writes.


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