I’ve been a big fan of the work Code and Supply has been doing for years, with their focus on building a community for developers, starting in Pittsburgh and expanding their sights. We’ve co-sponsored a number of events, and I’ve personally found jobs and made friends through the organization.

Their first Abstractions conference, in 2016, was easily one of the best conferences I’ve seen, and they’re bringing it back for 2019.

In addition to a great list of featured speakers, there will be a massive slew of sessions, including two involving yours truly. Neither of them are WTF-related, but I promise, they’re both weird and exciting- one on using small amounts of Python to make weird sounds, and one on how improv comedy skills and exercises can help make you a better developer.

It’s also one of the more affordable conferences, and it’s in a great town. I hope to see you there!

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