"Since clicking 'Yes, I mind', took me to the review page, I left a one star review," writes Pascal.


"As we all know, nanotechnology is huge, but don't apply nano power technology to your mind!" writes Martin


Conrad R. wrote, "I will not use the Secret DOM. I will not use the Secret DOM. I MUST not use the Secret DOM...or else!"


"Well, sorry folks, looks like the Air Force ran out of jobs," writes Scott.


"You can't argue with facts, because you can't argue with facts," Ben S. wrote.


Shahim M. wrote, "But I only have a 'Normal 2 true false null' degree, what do I do?"


"While trying to set my initial password for a client I'm working with, I encountered an error detailing exactly what I was trying to do in the first place," writes Alex F.


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