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Jun 2023

It's a Gas

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I am ordinarily ambivalent about submissions of weird stuff for sale at Amazon or elsewhere. They aren't great Error'd material; they're at worst an error in data. But today I'm sharing two with you because they're just so ridiculously funny that I think you'll get a kick out of them regardless.

First, venerable member The Beast in Black wants us to know that "Rubberbands can't fix everything" despite this fetching model who would have us believe otherwise. "PSA: DO NOT DO THIS!" He shouts, "if you're using rubberbands to keep the gas tube attached to your AK-pattern rifle, you are about to have MUCH bigger problems."

Unusually Numerous

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We had an unusual number (not that unusual, it was an integer) of interesting submissions this week; some were saved for special editions, some of the others follow.

Ian C. obscured a part of his own unusual number, saying "New Scientist are taking the science a bit too far for your integer subscriber number." Just a case of better safe than sorry, or is that really a secret number, Ian?

My Stars

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BOINC, the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, is a project to support public distributed computation, in service of efforts like SETI@Home. Our reader Hans K. has a few grievances to share.

First, Hans complained "I'm trying to add a BOINC project. Yes, I understand the conditions, just not which radiobutton I should choose. Although, with this one the next button is disabled, so I guess it's the other."

Two Blinded Mice

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On a hazy evening, bookended by a pair of mouses, we bring you classic examples of the genre.

The first Anon E. Mous with a better trap beat it straight to our door, crowing "I have to admit, 'Add a Catchy Header' is a pretty catchy header."


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This week we have submissions from regulars, and one or two who I did not recognise (zedless in honour of the source of the penultimate paragraph).

Nearly all of us use credit cards regularly, I'm sure, but only The Beast In Black has found one with such an unusual rewards scheme. Remarks friend Beast "If this is Wall Street Math(tm), it's no wonder that the US has a banking crisis." It's more likely to be North Dakota math.