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Jul 2023

Total Zeroes

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Today, scattered amidst the gems, you will find a whole bunch of zeroes. No, not the contributors!

The zeroeth submission of the day is from Bluejay A. who sagely notes "That shouldn't be too hard to find."

Only the Beginning

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I have been surprised to find that some people who are in technology fields don't have a clear grasp on the difference between RAM and "disk" storage. Or perhaps more accurately these days, "Direct Access Storage Devices." I've eventually become accustomed to it from ordinary folks, but PC World?

An anonymous reader sent in this one, explaining "Yep. According to PC World Starfield will require 125 GB of available RAM so you'll need at least 128 GB or more RAM installed to play. The Steam page correctly list the item as Storage: 125 GB available space so this is completely on PC World. To add insult to injury the post is titled Bethesda’s Starfield PC system requirements: An SSD is mandatory so you'd expect at the very least to get the storage requirements right. Rush to print, trip and fall flat on your face. Thanks for the WTF, PC World!"

Time Keeps on Slipping

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Warren D. takes the long view, explaining "I like a company that has an eye to the future. Maybe I'll stick with the Malwarebytes Premium trial for another few hundred thousand years."


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Hugops to Feedly who seem to have run into a snag this week.

Feeder Brent N. fretted "Seems feedly's update isn't going well, with only 21 of 3 hours left to go."