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Apr 2024

Believe It Or Not

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This week we have a special visit from a mythical beast: the snarklemma. But first, a non-error Error'd.

Obsessive Optimizer Ian K. "Walmart's nationwide network of warehouse stores means they can save time and money by shipping locally. FedEx has them covered: Their nationwide shipping fleet determined the shortest path from Houston to its largest suburb goes via Georgia." Not the shortest path, nor the fastest, but surely the cheapest one that meets the delivery date requirement. It's probably not an error, and I believe it, but I still can't believe it!


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There are an infinite variety of ways to be wrong, but only very small number of ways to be right.

Patient Peter W. discovers that MS Word is of two minds about English usage. "Microsoft Word just can't seem to agree with itself on how to spell paycheck/pay check." Faithful readers know it's even worse than that.

Past Imperfect

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A twitchy anonymous reporter pointed out that our form validation code is flaky. He's not wrong. But at least it can report time without needing emoticons! :-3

That same anon sent us the following, explaining "Folks at Twitch are very brave. So brave, they wrote their own time math."