• The English Gentleman (unregistered) in reply to Arvind
    The English Gentleman:
    The English Gentleman:
    I fail to get the WTF.

    I can't vouch for the "WT" but where the "F" comes in should be fairly clear.

    Perhaps my cultural ignorance is prventing me from getting the joke.

    The part you are missing is that sex is taboo in US and that everything that involves sex is funny and shameful.

    That's just silly. Sex is beautiful and one should have as much of it as possible. If you're married, that is.

    The funniest thing about this statement is that you probably mean it! Thank fuck we're not so backwards that we insist on marriage before sex, what a crock of shit.

    Nothing funny about it. Everyone has their own value system. Korea people love eat dogs. Do you? You like eating beef. I don't. Get the point, smartee pants?

    I get the point Nagesh, you enjoy dog-meat and I enjoy casual sex. I'm perfectly happy with that! Hope you enjoy your dog-meat as much as I enjoy living in a society unmarred by religious and social dogma.

    FYI That is racism.

    FYI no it isn't.

    You have no reason to call your culture as being superior to some other culture.
    That never happened, I just told Nagesh to enjoy his dog-meat along with an assurance that I would enjoy my casual sex. I never said that my culture was better than his, you simply inferred that - which makes you the racist. Now please stop bringing down the conversation with your wildly racist comments, we neither need nor want your kind around here. You're just another pathetic racist in a world already over-populated by bigotry.
  • Alf (unregistered)

    So why the heck wouldn't he be allowed to store some personal stuff in a properly sealed bag? It's perfectly legal to own sex toys, maybe he just needed to hide it from the kids or something.

  • (cs) in reply to JamesQMurphy
    I'm surprised he just didn't coat his entire office in K.Y.

    FTFY. Your naivety shows. Experience teaches us that petroleum jelly gets tacky after a short while during vigorous friction.

    Even better, tears work well to keep the lube moisturized.

    But I digress, if anybody is going to cover their room with anything, it won't be petroleum jelly.

  • David Woodhouse (unregistered) in reply to Nagesh

    I think the WTF is either in the way Alistair asks "Who's desk is this?" instead of "Whose desk is this?", or it's in the fact that entirely harmless words got censored from the story.

    Both of those offend me far more than the original words would have done, FWIW.

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