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Aug 2021


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No real theme this week, just a handful of whoopses, culminating in a whoopsiedaisytopsyturvysuperduper huh?

Excited Python fan Adam B. sneaks in some low-key publicity for the 3.10 release, saying "The community is so excited about the upcoming 3.10 release, they ensured that everyone notices the announcement."


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We like to think of Error'd as a safe place for pedants.
Fussbudgets, hair-splitters, nitpickers, and pernickety sticklers for the Oxford comma, come in. After all, if not for the "technically correct" (and honestly, what other kind of correctness is there?) we would be forced to move this to a monthly column for lack of material.
So to those who chide our vernacular inaccuracies and occasional infelicities, we say "Come in. You're not wrong." It is true that our readers only occasionally unearth truly terrible woes; most submissions are merely mundane mediocrities. But do come in. These nits are for all to share.

Regular shipper Pascal shops USPS: "Apparently all hours are undefined hours."

Paris in the the Spring

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Dating from a few months back, our opening submission for the week is only funny if you don't see it as a painful forecast of some coming summer in the City of Lights. Keeping with the theme of trapped systems, mostly Windows, here follow more multinational kiosk misadventures.

"Wear sunscreen," warns Thomas, temperately. "It's unseasonably warm."

Deal of a Lifetime

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Frequently we are sent submissions harking from that rainforest retailer, or the other one, or one of the smaller ones. It doesn't matter which, the wtferry is limited as these are almost always just some hack supplier uploading bogus data. TRR only cares about speedy delivery, and TOO cares about being cheapest, while OOTSO are just trying to keep their bricksnmortar shops alive. I don't usually run these, but this week I've got a bunch of them saved up so I'm giving you six for the price of NaN.

First up from an anonymous puppet maestro is this industrial glover on fire sale. You'd be fool not to take two! "But the shipping is the real bargain," says the maestro.