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Jul 2021

It's Funny Because It's True

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This submission left an anonymous reader speechless.


By The Clicking On My Thumbs

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Music fan Erina leads off this week with a double contraction! "Who knew Tom Waits was such a gravelly-voiced Relational Database poet?" she Mused. "You'd've thought that SQL modes was more of an indy garage esthetic." You might've, Erina, but I wouldn't've.


Innocents Abroad

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This week's opening Error'd submission required a bit of translation for the monoglots among us, but it was worth the work. Not speaking even een beetje of Dutch, I was forced to use Google's own translation service to see what it was that had so worried our friend Sebas. And it's a doozy.

" help - Child abuse images are illegal" warns Google's AI, inferring lewd Low Countries Linux links. For his part, Sebas takes it in stride, "Just hoping I'm not flagged now." I'm afraid to ask what the Goog makes of tcl.


Malice Reflected

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In the wake of yet another extraordinary ransomware attack, most businesses are finally beginning to implement the sorts of security measures they knew all along they should put in place. "Someday soon, when we get the time." Some writers have been calling it "unprecedented" but you and I know just how precedented it really is.

Loyal reader Aubrey leads off with an insider report, writing "Corporate IT recently migrated the entire company to a new antivirus program, and it seems to have flagged *its own update* as likely malware." That's what we call fastidious.

The Past is Prologue

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Last week we lightly brushed on the novel conspiracy theory that perhaps the HBO hullabaloo had been intentionally inspired by their social media team, and suggested you might join them. Apparently the media managers at Subway had been hungering for publicity as well.

TDWTF sandwich specialist Carlos buttered us up, saying "I'm sure you've received a ton of these already [ed: we hadn't], but what's one more?"