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Nov 2023

Here We Go Again

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This week has been mostly centered on a holiday for the USians. In the era of online retail and the global dominance of Amazon, the notion of "Black Friday" seems to have spread further than the harvest festival itself. The practice of mass national migrations thankfully has not.

Migrating Maia exclaims "Oh wow, I can change my flight for a fee of only [AMOUNT]! What a deal!"

Unrewarding Math

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Our own Michael R. , still job-hunting, has turned up a position that should NEVER be filled. " I was hoping at least one of them goes to 11!" Rock on.

Cheap Date

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Poor Michael R. is STILL job hunting. "Suddenly it all makes sense why I can't find anything: there are -1 more positions available." Good luck Michael, we're counting (badly) on you.

A tall glass of {{product.brand}}

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Hungry Adam starts off your RSS feed with what might honestly be making the best of a bad situation. "I guess my pizza will be here next time I write a date bug?"