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Jan 2024

Ride Ride Ride

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File under "Old Business": Swissrail just can't catch a break.

Diligent Richard B. dug into the news and reports "After following the link from this week's Error'd, I came across this interesting description in Swissrail's Member list. The filename means 'Company description En(glish)'. They have the same thing in French; the German description is normal."


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One of my multitude of peeves is the phrase "special characters." Somehow, our lexicon has been corrupted by semiliterate middle-schoolers, who have never learned that the name for ,.;: and so on is punctuation and/or symbol. Dustin Hoffman's Raymond was a special character. Period ain't.

This week, Robert F. had the misfortunate to step into it, and observed "What boggles my mind is that someone had to actively choose to create a validation rule specifically for this."


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Surprise-hating Adam R. worries "I thought I ordered some outdoors gear, but apparently I'm receiving some not valid today. I hope I don't get a box full of surprises!" I get it Adam; I don't like surprises either. But they're better than spiders.

One If By Land

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It's a new year, but Error'd never changes. Still (mostly) the same contributors, still the same reliable return of NaNs, nulls, out of sorts sorts, bad date math, and a slavish adherence to the Oxford comma and two spaces after periods.

MFC (Most Faithful Contributor) Michael R. sings "Love remains even after the event is over at Tixel."